Antonela is a lead product designer practicing ethical user research and open, human-centered, participatory design.

Interested in critical internet infrastructure, feminism as an intersectional practice, open-source communities, privacy and russian avant-garde art.
Holds a Bachelor's degree in Communications Design from the National University in Rosario, Argentina and a Master's degree in Graphic & Media Design from the ISD in Napoli, Italy.
Currently leading the User Experience team at The Tor Project.
Before joining a non-profit for the first time, she has been designing products within for-profit industries as live betting, fintech, ecommerce, or AR/VR labs.
Been nomading all over the world between 2012—20.



emojisociety is an installation that uses proprietary artificial intelligence for facial recognition, which claims to recognize your emotions. Their biased view of the world decides based on a too short list which emoji is the most appropriate to replace the unique face. In the past future, emojisociety is an intelligent glitch who anonymizes faces that did not give consent to be taken, stored, analyzed, labeled and distributed. They performed at the VeryLargeWorks pavilion at The Wrong digital art biennale between 2019—20.

Tor Browser

From an environmental activist in Uganda to a harassed woman in Russia, 2 to 8 million users access the internet through the Tor network daily. It can also help get people online in countries where the internet is blocked or censored. I've worked in a broad plan of making Tor usable for everyone. In my position as a Product Design Lead, I helped define the strategy and direction for the usability improvements in Tor Browser 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, and the upcoming 9.5. At some point Lili Hay Newman said "now using Tor is easier than ever”. I designed the first Tor Browser for Android, which aims to make private browsing mode the default in small devices by reducing device tracking. Also, I made the new Tor Browser icon.


The Eclectic Tech Carnival is a gathering of feminists who critically explore and develop everyday skills and information technologies in the context of free software and open hardware. At the last festival, I volunteered as a designer; I explored a dynamic identity inspired in the main 2019 theme, Halt and Catch Fire. Website

I articulated the design, development, and localization efforts for,,, and The main website portal redesign included +4 leading portals, +60 pages, and +11 locales. Like other open source communities, Tor folks were very passionate and exhaustive with the redesign. All our development has been an open process, and it is still actively developed and maintained by the community. I also one of the maintainers of Lego, the project’s styleguide.

OONI Explorer

OONI Explorer is an open data resource on internet censorship around the world. Since 2012, millions of network measurements have been collected by the community from more than 200 countries. OONI Explorer sheds light on internet censorship and other forms of network interference worldwide. I joined the OONI team to iterate the leading portal for exploring community data about internet interference.


Micah Lee's Onionshare reminds me of the true origins of the internet. We released a feature that allows users to create secure and anonymous websites just sharing a local folder. You may use it.

RANDOM is my experimental art archive.

mono is a curated list of monospaced fonts.

check the thumb is a tool that helps you to place critical user interface buttons within our thumb’s natural, sweeping arc.


Graphic & Media Design, Master | 2012—13 | ISD, Napoli, Italy

Communications Design, BSc | 2010—12 | UNR, Rosario, Argentina

Graphic Design, BFA | 2005—09 | ESDG, Rosario, Argentina


Design with a focus on product, user interface, user experience, privacy, open-source, and community-driven processes.


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